We love our vibrant and beautiful community.  When one of our own goes on to dance on another plane, we still hear them in the music and feel them on the floor with us.

Here are some of our shining lights who have passed on…All of these people were not only wonderful joyous dancers, but also people who worked to organize and promote same-gender dancing.

Cindy Mills

Cindy was pure joy.  Ballroom dancing was her passion.  She danced, choreographed and organized same-gender dance competitions.
She lived in Sacramento and helped to organize Dancing in the River City. Even after she lost her leg to the cancer she kept dancing and she was planning on competing in wheelchair dancing.

Aimée Tabor

Aimee was a beautiful dancer.  She competed around the world and was a rising star in Latin.  She worked for several years on the April Follies organizing committee and on the 2010 Gay Games Cleveland organizing committee.  She was studying to be a scrutineer for dance competitions and worked to include more people of color in the ballroom world.

Robert Cortlandt
(pictured with his sister)

Robert danced a mean Hustle and was often seen on the Sundance Saloon dance floor. He also worked on the April Follies organizing committee. He used his video and photography skills to show the beauty of same-gender ballroom dance.

 Camille Wojtasiak

Camille helped create same-gender ballroom in Sacramento and beyond. During her dance career, she won double-gold medals at the Gay Games in Chicago for both Latin and Standard and many other awards. In 2001, she helped found Sacramento Dancesport and regularly brought dancers from Europe to the dance shows she produced for many years.