Welcome to April Follies

Social Events!

Saturday Dinner at Just Dance Ballroom —
(Advanced Purchase Required, Now Closed)

The Vegetarian Gourmet
 Menu for April Follies Dinner of April 29, 2017
Ottolenghi style chicken w/roasted onions & clementines (gf)
Tofu frittata w/veggies & fresh herbs (vegan, gf)
Salads & Sides
 (vegan, gf)
Platter of roasted seasonal vegetables w/light balsamic marinade & fresh herbs (vegan, gf)
Basmati & wild rice w/chickpeas, currants & herbs (vegan, gf)
Salad of mixed greens, julienned vegetables, apple, green onion, avocado, vinaigrette (vegan, gf)

Sunday Happenings


For all of you who simply can’t get enough dancing, check out Sundance Saloon for info on their Sunday night Country Western Dance in San Francisco! Lessons 5:30-7:15 followed by dancing until 10:30pm.