Dr. Aimée Tabor Award Nominations

The Dr. Aimée Tabor award is dedicated to the memory of a dancer in our community who worked at UC Berkeley to increase access and opportunity for women and underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In her leisure time, Aimée was an avid amateur ballroom dancer, competing in International Standard and Latin as well as Country Western, and winning more than three dozen ballroom medals and ribbons. At her last competition at the 2015 EuroGames in Stockholm, Aimée and her longtime dance partner won the gold medal in Women’s B-Division Latin. In addition to dancing, Aimée was a dedicated volunteer on the April Follies Organizing Committee for six years, managing competition registration for April Follies 2014, 2015, and for the 2014 Gay Games DanceSport Competition in Cleveland. She was studying to become a dance competition scrutineer. The April Follies Organizing Committee honors Dr. Aimée Tabor’s legacy by recognizing an individual who has significantly contributed to greater inclusion of people of color in the queer partner dance community. April Follies will present a monetary award to the recipient in recognition of their time, effort, and contributions to our community. 2017 nominations are now open!
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Photo Credit: Barak Yedida

Photo Credit: Barak Yedida

Richard Lamberty Trophy Nominations

Richard Lamberty is a ballroom dancer and longtime dance instructor who started the same-sex ballroom competition community in the Bay Area in 2002. He held the first same-sex ballroom classes in the Bay Area and, along with Ava Kaye and Tom Slater, started April Follies. The Richard Lamberty 2017 Trophy will be awarded again this year to a person who has contributed significantly to the same-sex dance community and who best embodies the spirit of same-sex dancesport. The trophy is designed to honor Richard’s contribution to these ends. The winner will be decided by a committee based on information provided to April Follies. Anyone can be nominated, and any person can nominate whoever they believe deserves this trophy. Contact with any questions. 2017 nominations are now open!
  • A narrative description of what this person has contributed to the same- sex dance community and why you believe this person embodies the spirit of queer dancesport.