All our volunteers are VIPs!

This event cannot happen without the support of many people who graciously give their time to make it the smooth and seamless event that our community deserves.

As a token of our appreciation, we offer the following to our volunteers:

Pre-event volunteer:
2-4 hours = Half-price entrance ticket to daytime competition
5-15 hours = Choose: Free ticket to daytime competition OR half-price ticket to evening show OR half-price combo ticket Daytime competition
Day of Comp:
2-4 hours = Free entrance to daytime competition
5-15 hours = Free entrance to daytime competition and half-price ticket to evening show
Evening show:
2-4 hours = Free entrance to show
5-15 hours = Free entrance to show and half-price daytime spectator ticket
15+ hours = It’s all free!

Below is a description of volunteer needs.

To register as a volunteer, please fill out the form below.

Pre-Event: Registration Packets
  • Insert tickets, wrist bands and information for pre-registrations
  • Most likely to happen on Thursday, April 21
Registration and Ticket Sales Assistant
  • Set up registration tables
  • Distribute registration packets
  • Ensure waivers are signed
  • Sell spectator tickets
  • Collect payment for unpaid tickets
  • Field questions from competitors and spectators
  • Check tickets and wristbands; provide re-entry hand stamp
  • Help clear the main ballroom at the end of the daytime competition
  • Help set-up ballroom for evening, including posting reserved seating signs
On Deck Assistant
  • Organizer competitors to enter ballroom for each competition round
  • Call competitors from dressing rooms and elsewhere as needed
  • Make sure numbers are visible on the leaders
  • Pick up the judges’ forms
  • Verify forms are filled out completely
  • Deliver forms to scrutineer
  • Assist judges in giving out ribbons
  • Post signs
  • Prepare judging and awards table
  • General care and feeding of MC, judges and scrutineer
  • Make sure no one enters through the back door
  • Check the dressing areas to maintain security
  • Assist wherever necessary
Dinner Assistant
  • Set up and take down dinner tables and chairs
  • Serve food in buffet line and clean up buffet table after

Volunteer Contact Info

Thank you for considering volunteering. We rely on our volunteers to make this competition run. You will be a VIP! It’s never too early to think about volunteering. If you have any questions about volunteering, please use the form below or contact us at or call Ellen at 510-459-8708.